Alberto Del Rio on WWE: 'I'll Be Back One Day'

Alberto Del Rio has enjoyed a quiet summer in terms of making headlines. However, the former World [...]

Alberto Del Rio has enjoyed a quiet summer in terms of making headlines. However, the former World Champion found just his way back on the radar by declaring he'll one day return to WWE.

In an interview with The Roman Show, the 41-year old was asked about his future in WWE.

"I am sure I'll be back one day before I decide to retire. I'll return to have a final run. Maybe I'll be able to work with all those wrestlers I used to work with in that company."

And which wrestlers are those?

"Top of my head is Rey Mysterio Jr. He is one of my best friends, fantastic wrestler and a real-life legend," Patron said. "He would be the perfect person to do a world tour to say goodbye. I would like to wrestle some guys again like Dolph Ziggler, Ken Anderson and many others in the business. I have always stayed the same because I have a good relationship with Vince McMahon," he said.

By all accounts, McMahon and Del Rio do seem to have a healthy appreciation of one another. However, Del Rio has a propensity for making enemies in the wrestling world. He's gone out of his way to verbally attack Triple H on a number of occasions as well as challenge Xavier Woods to a real-life fight.

That, of course, stems from his old relationship with SmackDown General Manager, Paige. The pair of Superstars were dating as of 2017, even getting engaged. However, their romance made a series of bad headlines and it was clear their relationship had become toxic.

However, despite the skeletons awaiting Del Rio in WWE, Vince McMahon remains a proponent of the Mexican wrestling legend. This march, reports surfaced that Del Rio and McMahon had a closed-door meeting centered around bringing Del Rio back to WWE.

Plenty of wrestlers with faulty reputations have returned to WWE in the past, so Del Rio's comeback wouldn't exactly be a surprise. Even more, his dream match with Rey Mysterio could actually manifest. It's believed that Mystri will return to WWE sometime in September. Some reports indicate he's signed a two-year deal with WWE but that has yet to be confirmed. But once Rey does show up, it's not hard to imagine Del Rio being close behind.

This is a situation worth keeping tabs on but don't expect to see Del Rio anytime in 2018. Realistically speaking, WWE doesn't need Del Rio. With an unprecedented roster, camera time comes at a premium and adding a personality like Del Rio may not be best for business.