Angel Garza Explains How His Injury Happened, How Long He Will Be Out Of Action

The WWE Raw Tag Team Championships match at Clash of Champions last Sunday was abruptly cut short due to what appeared to be an injury. Angel Garza and Andrade were challenging the Street Profits for the championships when out of nowhere, the referee counted a pinfall that Andrade visually kicked out of. It appeared that the official had made a decision to end the match due to an injury that Garza had sustained as he was laying hurt on the outside of the ring.

That is indeed exactly what happened, and Garza has now commented on the injury. The Raw star revealed that he suffered a torn quad during the match, but he went on to explain that he will not need surgery to recover. Garza underwent an MRI on Wednesday.

In a video on his YouTube page, Garza revealed that the injury did not occur during the Spanish Fly spot as some had suggested.

"My injury did not come from [the Spanish Fly]... An injury from the Spanish Fly could have been worse. Thank goodness that the injury came later and not from the Spanish Fly," Garza revealed. "In the Spanish Fly, I landed on my neck. I was not standing fully right on the ropes and Montez Ford launched himself when I was still not fully planted on the rope. It was a matter of moments that my mind went like, 'Spin' and that's the result that you saw [at Clash of Champions]."

He went on to reveal when the injury actually did occur.

"Unfortunately, the injury came afterwards. Montez went for a kick and I grabbed the kick. When I lowered it, I went for the knee, but I put in a little too much force into it. I thought when I was going to do it, [Ford] was a little too far from where I was and I didn't measure myself properly. When I tried to stretch my leg towards him, the other leg that was supporting it couldn't handle it and was stretched out too much," Garza explained. "That's when I heard a small pop, like a balloon exploding. Everything around that area started to get really hot and when I tried to move the leg, I had that tension close to my groin and it was my quadriceps, almost reaching my hip. That's what I felt. The referee came to me and asked if I can continue and I said no.

"I remember giving Andrade the tag and he asked me what's wrong and I tell him that I can't go anymore. WWE has a system that's really effective where they have all the doctors and medical personnel watching the matches on monitors and they quickly go to the ring to see what's going on. I told them what I was feeling. The medical team sent me away to get it checked. I was asked if I could walk and I said yes, but couldn't put any force down there."

Garza then explained that he has been told that he will be out anywhere from one week to three weeks due to the injury, which is just a partial tear to his quad. He was told by medical staff that if he had continued in the match, the injury would have been worse and he could be out five to six months.

"They told me to get an MRI and I got the results and thankfully, it wasn't anything involving the tendons or with my hip as some outlets have reported. It was a quad tear and we already began treatment. I've been putting ice on it and bandages for the tear. Right now, I just came from an evaluation and we have been advancing through it incredibly," he said. "Thank God I just started to feel good. I still have more evaluations to do, but if all goes well, I think I might be out from a week to maybe 15 days.


"Thank God that it wasn't anything long-term like five or six months. They told me if I had continued, I could have completely torn [the quad] and would have been out for a very long time. I don't think it will even be a month to fully recover... I'm not going to be needing surgery, I'll probably be only out for a week to three weeks since the injury."

Thanks to Fightful for the transcript and translation.