Becky Lynch vs. Asuka Raw Women's Championship Match Confirmed for Royal Rumble

After weeks of demanding a one-on-one Raw Women's Championship match with Asuka, Becky Lynch finally confirmed on this week's Monday Night Raw that she'll get her wish at the 2020 Royal Rumble event in Houston on Jan. 26. Lynch stated in a backstage promo that the match was finally made official after she told WWE officials that she wouldn't discuss signing a new WWE contract until they booked her in a mathc with "The Empress of Tomorrow." Asuka has famously had Lynch's number over the past couple of years, beating her in two separate Tables, Ladders and Chairs matches as well as a SmackDown Women's Championship match at the 2019 Royal Rumble. Her latest win over "The Man" came at TLC in a TLC tag match alongside Kairi Sane.

"I could sit back and sign one of the biggest contracts in WWE history if I would just shut my mouth and move on," Lynch said in a promo. "I can continue as the longest-reigning Raw Women's Champion of all time, if I can forget about Asuka beating me [this] year, but I can't. Money and status can't help me look in the mirror anymore. So all the decision makers are saying, 'Forget about last year, you're on top of the world.' If this is on top of the world is, I don't want it. History needed to know if a woman could be the face of this entire business, I did that. Now I need to know if it was worth it.


"What I've learned is that when you're the golden goose, you also get the golden handcuffs," she continued. "I don't know if I can't beat Asuka, but I'm going to wipe my record even if it kills me."