Asuka Wins SmackDown Women's Title as Ronda Rousey Takes Out Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair

The Man's title reign came to an end Sunday night at WWE TLC.Becky Lynch defended her championship [...]

The Man's title reign came to an end Sunday night at WWE TLC.

Becky Lynch defended her championship in her first match since early November in what was a triple threat TLC match against Charlotte Flair and Asuka, but it was the interference of another rival that eventually cost her the title.

It didn't take long for weapons to be brought into the match, with Charlotte using a table to take out Becky on the outside (a shot to the head), but Becky brought a ladder into the ring moments later. The match followed the typical triple threat format of one person being taken out as the other two fought.

There were some crazy spots in the match, as expected. They started when Asuka tossed Becky back first on top of a ladder from the top rope.

Asuka made the first attempt at climbing up the ladder but Charlotte ran in and rammed her head into the ladder, sending her down to the mat below. Charlotte scaled the ladder next, but Asuka picked her up off of it and powerbombed her through a table in the corner.

Asuka scaled the ladder, only to be knocked off as Lynch flew in with a dropkick from the top rope, knocking her off.

Asuka sent Lynch to the outside with a running shot on the apron, but Charlotte then came in with a chair shot to take out Asuka. As Asuka and Lynch were on the outside, Flair hit a moonsault to the outside taking out both opponents.

As Charlotte went to set up a table on the outside, Lynch came in with a chair and destroyed both of her opponents with it. That is, until she turned around and Flair kicked the chair back into her face. Flair then set Asuka up on an announce table, which allowed a recovered Lynch to again come back in with a chair and take out Flair.

Lynch then brought a ladder over toward the announce table. She set up both Charlotte and Asuka on the table, scaled the ladder, and nailed a leg drop from the top of the ladder, taking out Flair (Asuka rolled off just before the landing).

Lynch and Asuka both climbed the ladder back in the ring and exchanged punches at the top. Flair came in the ring with a Kendo Stick and hit both opponents several times. After clearing the ring, she fought to the outside with Asuka and continued hitting her. Lynch then came in and hit a Becksploder on Charlotte into a table on the outside. Asuka then came in and hit Lynch with the Kendo Stick, then turned around as Flair speared her through the ringside barrier.

Flair had a maniacal look on her face as Lynch began to scale the ladder in the ring. She quickly ran into the ring and pulled her down. The two exchanged hard shots in the ring, culminating with Flair being sent face first into the ladder. They continued fighting and exchanging shots, rolling to the outside.

Flair set Lynch up on a table on the outside, climbed to the top rope, and hit a front flip on to Lynch through the table.

Flair scaled the ladder back in the ring, but Asuka ran back in and they exchanged shots at the top of the ladder. Lynch then brought a second ladder in the ring and set it up right next to them. Asuka was sent to the mat and Flair stepped on to Lynch's ladder as they exchanged right hands.

At this point, Ronda Rousey walked out (to a chorus of boos) and gingerly pushed over the ladder that Flair and Lynch were on top of, sending them down to the mat. This allowed Asuka to scale the ladder and win the title.

The crowd popped loud for Asuka winning the title but hated it when Rousey came out to interfere. It was a logical finish that will play into the Rousey/Lynch story that should result in a WrestleMania match, likely in the main event of that show.