Bray Wyatt Breaks Silence After Being Attacked by Daniel Bryan at TLC

TLC turned out to be a night of firsts for reigning WWE Universal Champion Bray Wyatt. Not only did his match with The Miz mark the first time Wyatt has wrestled as his Firefly Funhouse persona, but it was also the first time he was forced to retreat after getting jumped in a surprise attack. After beating Miz with relative ease, Wyatt was beckoned by The Fiend to try and attack him with his giant mallet. Suddenly the lights started to flicker, but instead of The Fiend arriving Wyatt was attacked by a hooded figure. That turned out to be Daniel Bryan, sporting a new haircut and beard trim after The Fiend dragged him under the ring two weeks back.

Wyatt, who has kept his gimmick going on social media, had a message for Bryan shortly afterwards.

The feud between Bryan and Wyatt first started before Survivor Series when Wyatt dared Bryan to bring back the Yes! Movement. Bryan obliged, but he still came up short when the two fought over the Universal Championship.

Bryan kicked off 2019 as the reigning WWE Champion, fresh off his heel turn and debut of "The New Daniel Bryan." He managed to retain his title against the likes of AJ Styles, Mustafa Ali and Kevin Owens before dropping it to Kofi Kingston at WrestleMania 35. In a recent episode of The New Day's podcast, Kingston revealed Bryan played a major role backstage in making the match happen.

"[Bryan] pushed for that to happen because the plans weren't for me to be at WrestleMania," Kingston said. "I'm not sure who it was for Daniel to face but it wasn't me, and Daniel went in and went to bat for me, and for the situation for the title match between us to happen so he had a big part in it, too.


"It's a testament for his state of mind as far as advancing the business and doing the right thing for the people and for the best match or product for the people to take in," he added. "So kudos to Daniel Bryan."

Now that he's back, fans can't help but notice that Bryan's new look makes it seem like he hasn't aged since 2010.