Bray Wyatt Teases Rebooting Rivalry With The Shield

The 2014 rivalry between The Shield and Wyatt Family not only produced four different World [...]

The 2014 rivalry between The Shield and Wyatt Family not only produced four different World Champions but some of the best in-ring moments of the current era.

And with The Shield rebooting on Raw, could Bray Wyatt and his apostles are next to reunite?

Wyatt retweeted an old verse he wrote before the Wyatt Family's stellar 2014 Elimination Chamber match against The Shield. But in 2018, Wyatt added a new tag to the old tweet.

"Forget not."

While this is a tweet that will soon be blown out of proportion—maybe within this exact article—it's hard to label Wyatt's action as a random act. With Matt Hardy trading in his Woken spirit for a producer's headset, Bray Wyatt is suddenly single on Raw's roster. And if SummerSlam wasn't indication enough, Bray currently doesn't have anything to do.

Could WWE be planning for Wyatt to place The Shield in his voodoo crosshairs? It's certainly possible. Could Braun Strowman join the case? That one's tough to answer right now, but Luke Harper might be able to.

On Monday, news broke that Eric Rowan suffered a torn biceps and could be out 4-6 months. While WWE has yet to confirm this, The Bludgeon Brother are defending their titles on SmackDown and if they happen to lose, then it's likely due to Harper's injury and pending surgery. If that's how this goes down, it's not hard imagining Luke Harper jumping to Raw to aid his old boss.

However, a rumor did recently emerge indicated Wyatt may be in for a small shift of character. WrestleVotes, A Twitter account with an ear behind WWE curtain, recently posted an update on WWE's plans for the Eater of Worlds.

"Getting a lot of questions lately on Bray Wyatt. Was told he's in line for a slight refresh. The character should remain intact once he returns to TV, but I'm expecting a renewed push along with a singles baby face run. Pivotal time in his career ahead" writes WrestleVotes.

Wyatt's strange ways and iconic entrance have made a lasting impression on the WWE Universe, however, much of Wyatt's run as a solo star has been mediocre. He did earn a brief stint as WWE Championship but Wyatt's recent history says he has a propensity for losing big matches. That, plus the combination House of Horrors match and cringeworthy use of Sister Abigail had Wyatt going in a questionable direction before teaming with Hardy.

However, a "slight refresh" seems to be encouraging. With the crowd still behind him, they'll be eager to see him back on his own.