WWE Hell in a Cell Spoiler: Huge Name Spotted Backstage

We all assumed SummerSlam was Brock Lesnar's final WWE show of 2018, if not longer. But the former [...]

We all assumed SummerSlam was Brock Lesnar's final WWE show of 2018, if not longer. But the former Universal Champions is backstage for Hell in a Cell.

PWInsider has confirmed that Lesnar has not only been spotted backstage but has been walking around in "full view" since arriving to the San Antonio, TX venue.

Lesnar's presence poses a million questions but does not guarantee he'll actually be involved in the show. However, he doesn't seem like the type of guy who casually strolls into a WWE arena with nothing to do.

The 41-year old Lesnar was presumed to be away training for his pending UFC Heavyweight Championship match with Daniel Cormier. Their match has yet to be made official but has been believed to be Lesnar's next venture. However, participating in Hell in Cell could surprisingly be first.


Not all WWE rumors prove to be true, but this one was. Lesnar crashes the main event between Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns and handed out F-5's to anything that moved. Lesnar's interference ended the match in a no contest—effectifely spoiled Strowman's Money in the Bank opportunity. While that logic is worthy of its own conversation, WWE use of Lesnar was by no means pointless.

Soon after Hell in a Cell closed, WWE announced that Reigns will defend his Universal Championship at Crown Jewel against Lesnar and Strowman.

For the third time this year, WWE has swerved fans off of Lesnar. Before both WrestleMania 34 and THe Greatest Royal Rumble, it appeared Lesnar was on his way out of wrestling. However, he beat Reigns on both occasions and held the title until SummerSlam. However after Reigns finally beat The Beast in Brooklyn, we all assumed that was the last time we'd see Lesnar in a WWE ring in 2018.

But just a month later, Lesnar has stormed back into the Universal Championship picture. Chances are, he won't be leaving Saudi Araba as Universal Champion, though. With his UFC ambitions looming, Lesnar is likely there to boost the card and make a handsome payday.

Early guesses have Lesnar meeting Cormier in January of 2019, but current expectations point to Lesnar working WrestleMania 35 as well. The specifics of Lesnar's WWE contract are fairly ambiguous, but it appears that WWE will hire him as their wrestling mercenary. This means that whenever you think Lesnar is gone, WWE will bring him back to bolster the top of their card.

There's been no word on if we'll see Lesnar before November 2, but we'll bet Paul Heyman shows his face a few times on his client's behalf.