Brock Lesnar WWE to Defend Universal Championship in Triple Threat at SummerSlam?

Last night, WWE booked Roman Reigns vs. Bobby Lashley for Raw next week in the name of determining Brock Lesnar's SummerSlam opponent. However, there's a chance that match ends ambiguously, thus obligating WWE to opt for a triple threat match in Brooklyn. reports that there are rumors of WWE choosing this path. If they do indeed go in this direction, that means Brock Lesnar would have to barge in and ruin Lesnar and Lashley's match next week.

A triple threat is WWE's safest option. To say the least, the August 19 Brooklyn crowd will be ironic, possibly hostile. Reigns vs. Lesnar would be vocally rejected, as would Lashley vs. Reigns — if fans could summon the enthusiasm of course. But by sending them both to slay The Beast, WWE insulates them from harsh receptions.

For about two hours it really felt like we'd be getting Seth Rollins for Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam. Instead, Rollins' fell short and WWE set up an Extreme Rules sequel for Reigns and Lashley.

However, the Wrestling Observer Radio reports that their match at the Pittsburgh pay-per-view was moved from the main event slot to the middle of the show in fear of fan reaction. But as fate would have it, fans spent the entire bout protesting.

So why is WWE rebooting that fight?

Well, they certainly aren't ready to give up on Reigns, and clearly, someone with ample power thinks Lashley is a main eventer. Raw is in Cincinnati, OH next week which should provide a moderate crowd. However the decent chance no one cares about Reigns vs. Lashley.

With that I mind, WWE may have no choice but to bring in Lesnar next week. The idea of him never showing up before SummerSlam seems a little hard to believe. So by crashing next weeks show, Lesnar will set up his SummerSlam match and let us see him on free TV, possibly for the last time.


I don't think WWE is excited enough by Lesnar facing Lashley or Reigns in a one-on-one match in Brooklyn. This triple threat has legs and is worth betting on if you can find someone to take the bet.

The subplot to all of this is Braun Strowman. anytime Lesnar appears on WWE cameras we should be anticipating Stowman's music hitting. Maybe it's next week. Maybe it's after a grueling SummerSlam match. Regardless, Strowman is hunting the Universal Championship and will likely nab it before Survivor Series.