WrestleMania Shake-Up: Charlotte Flair Wins WWE SmackDown Women's Title on SmackDown

The WrestleMania main event just received a major shake-up on SmackDown Live.Word started to [...]

The WrestleMania main event just received a major shake-up on SmackDown Live.

Word started to circulate on Tuesday afternoon that there were some major changes planned for this week's edition of SmackDown, and these rumors proved to be absolutely true.

The first match of the show ended up being Asuka taking on Charlotte Flair, which followed a Becky Lynch backstage interview segment that was interrupted by Flair walking to the ring. When the match was started, the ring announcer declared the match was for the SmackDown Women's Championship, seemingly out of nowhere.

The announce crew did a really good job selling the surprise nature of the championship match, having had no warning that SmackDown's top women's prize would be on the line less than two weeks before WrestleMania.

The two women had a very good television match that was given quite a bit of time. It was back and forth the whole way, with the announcers declaring that Asuka just couldn't solve the Charlotte Flair riddle this evening. And it had some pretty incredible moves too, like this Spanish fly from the top rope from Charlotte to Asuka.

Absolutely insane. Seriously, seek this match out if you didn't see it live.

In the end, Charlotte Flair escaped a submission, powerbombed Asuka, and locked in the Figure Eight to win the SmackDown Women's Championship via submission. The announcers mentioned that Charlotte is now the first woman to ever have eight championship reigns in WWE.

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