Charlotte Flair Defeats Becky Lynch for SmackDown Women's Championship With Help From Lacey Evans

Charlotte Flair finally got one over on Becky Lynch on Sunday night, defeating "The Man" at Money in the Bank to become a nine-time women's champion.

Late in the match Flair attempted a Natural Selection on the apron, but Lynch held on to avoid the impact. As the referee began to make the count on Flair, Evans ran down and nailed Lynch with her Women's Right submission. Flair got back in the ring, avoided the roll-up attempt and nailed a big boot for the win.

Midway through the show Lynch retained her Raw Women's Championship against Evans. The "Sassy Southern Belle" tried to pin the champ via roll-up, but Lynch was able to roll through a lock in her Disarmer for the submission. Flair then trotted her way down to the ring, daring Lynch to have her second title match right away. Lynch obliged.