Christian Cage References Jeff Hardy's Suspension On AEW Dynamite

Christian Cage continues to make headlines with his promo content. The former Impact Wrestling World Champion was confronted by Matt Hardy on AEW Dynamite tonight, who criticized Cage for taking advantage of former AEW Tag Team Champions Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus's success. Cage responded by calling out Jeff Hardy, saying, "Matt, you're starting to make your brother sound like the sober one." Jeff Hardy is currently suspended from All Elite Wrestling without pay following a drunk driving incident last month. Jeff was officially charged with a DUI, driving with a suspended license, and violating restrictions placed on his driver's license. 

Following Jeff's arrest, AEW President Tony Khan stated that Jeff would not be returning to his promotion until he completed treatment.

"We were able to resume contact with Jeff Hardy this afternoon," Khan said. "AEW does not condone Jeff's alleged behavior. We've made it clear to Jeff that we'll assist him in getting treatment for substance abuse issues, which he has indicated that he's open to receiving. In the interim, he is suspended without pay, and he can only return to AEW upon successfully completing treatment and maintaining his sobriety."

This verbal barb is just the latest from Cage since his heel turn on AEW Road Rager. While running down Jungle Boy, he mentioned that he believed the young star looked to him as a father figure because his actual father "is dead." This got the attention of Luchasaurus, who initially placed Cage in a chokehold, but let up once Cage asked him to "remember what happened to Marko [Stunt]."

That line took Stunt by surprise, who departed AEW this past May following the company's decision to not renew his contract.

"I was not aware that it was going to be said or anything, or that my name was going to be thrown out in any context, because it hasn't been since October," Stunt said. "I thought it was kind of lame, but it makes sense. I was a part of that group beforehand, and what he's basically saying is he came in and got me fired, so in story sense, love it. In real life sense, hey, it is what it is, I guess.

"I don't think [Christian] necessarily took my spot because like, we are two different, completely different roles," Stunt continued. "I was more of a hype guy and he's more of a like, leader role. I think that was a cool concept, but I did not think that he fit with the group at all. I didn't think he added any sort of dynamic, really."


AEW Dynamite is airing now on TBS.