Photo: Cody Rhodes Shows off Nasty Bruises From His AEW All Out Match

Cody Rhodes was victorious in his grudge match with Shawn Spears at the All Out pay-per-view on Saturday night, but he did not leave the match entirely unscathed.

The All Elite Wrestling executive vice president and star wrestler posted a photo on Tuesday of large bruises on his left tricep and lower back. His caption read, "Fallout from #AEWAllOut."

The history between Rhodes and Spears went back more than a decade to their time together training in Ohio Valley Wrestling, but it was when Rhodes referred to Spears as "a good hand" during an episode of the Road to... series that caused a feud between the two. Spears, feeling insulted by the comment, retaliated by nailing Rhodes with an unprotected chair shot to the head at the Fyter Fest event, causing Rhodes to get 10 staples in the back of his head to close up a wound.

Spears then aligned himself with WWE Hall of Famer and former Four Horsemen member Tully Blanchard and explained his actions in an interview with Jim Ross.

"It's a curse of the industry to be called a good hand, you know this. Forty years [in the wrestling business] you know this, you understand what I'm talking about," Spears said. "He should know better, JR. Clearly he forgot, and that's why I wrapped a steel chair around his face at Fyter Fest."

Because of the stipulation of the match, Rhodes was only allowed to have one person with him at ringside at the Sears Centre. He chose MJF, who wound up getting into a brawl with Blanchard that spilled outside of the ring. With Spears still in the ring, Arn Anderson ran down and nailed him with a spinebuster, causing Blanchard to chase after him with a look of utter confusion. Minutes later Rhodes hit Spears with a CrossRhodes to score the pin. MJF teased hitting him with a chair afterwards, but opted to celebrate with his "best friend" instead.


Rhodes has yet to suffer a loss in singles competition since AEW launched, and he'll face Sammy Guevara in a one-on-one bout on AEW's premiere episode of television on Oct. 2. on TNT.

Elsewhere in AEW news, new AEW World Champion Chris Jericho had a championship belt stolen (or lost, the case is still ongoing) out of the back of a limousine in Tallahassee just days after winning it at All Out. It has not been determined yet whether or not the belt is the AEW World Championship.