Cody Rhodes Reveals His Ultimate Goal for His WWE Return on WWE Raw

Cody Rhodes opened this week's Monday Night Raw with his first promo since returning to the WWE at WrestleMania 38 this past weekend. He started off by hinting at his departure from AEW, saying the decision to come back to the WWE was an easy one and that any doubt he had about his return was eradicated when he stood on the entrance ramp in front of 77,000 at AT&T Stadium. He then showed everyone a picture of his father, Dusty Rhodes, holding the WWWF Championship at Madison Sqaure Garden in 1997 after defeating Superstar Billy Graham by count out. 

He revealed that at eight years old his father explained why he never held the championship, which Cody then made his mission to one day hold the title and give it to Dusty. Rhodes said that while his father is gone his dream is not and that he will become WWE Champion. 

Seth Rollins then arrived, welcomed Rhodes back and shook his hand before Rhodes' music hit. The former TNT Champion looked somewhat confused as Rollins strutted away. It's worth noting that Rhodes never mentioned Roman Reigns, the man who now holds both the Universal and WWE Championships, by name during the promo.

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