Could Billy Corgan Be Pushed Out Of TNA?

If you've been keeping up with the ongoing saga of TNA, you would be forgiven for assuming it was [...]

If you've been keeping up with the ongoing saga of TNA, you would be forgiven for assuming it was all just another plotline from an episode of Impact, but unfortunately, fans aren't that lucky.

The latest drama around the company seems to hover around the various lawsuits against the TNA Impact and Dixie Carter, along with their new investing partner Anthem Entertainment. The current battleground has been set up in the courts, where current TNA president Billy Corgan is vying for more control of the company.

Most of his issues stem from a loan he gave TNA Impact Wrestling so the company could put on their most recent Bound For Glory event. The specific issue for Corgan is that he wants TNA to admit it defaulted on the loan, which would give him leverage to obtain more control over the company. Dixie Carter isn't so keen on letting that go, and she's using Anthem Entertainment to possibly push him out altogether (via Inquisitr).

"reiterated a press release (in court) that the company was also willing to pay off Corgan's loan, minus the transaction premium."

If TNA doesn't admit to defaulting on the loan, and Anthem pays Corgan in full, he could lose any leverage he currently has. Granted, his creative decisions have led to a small resurgence for the company, but it's not like TNA has shown in the past that they are swayed by such things as popularity or appreciation of talent, so they could boot him from the company completely and start over. It's easy to see why many see Carter as the bully in all of this.

"As far as public perception is concerned, Billy Corgan is the face & Dixie Carter is the heel in all this mess" - #BustedOpenLive"

If Corgan does get pushed out, it's arguable whether there will be enough to build on for the company going forward, as that will squash any goodwill they've successfully built this year. If the current regime stays on top, in a year we might be writing up a retrospective instead of a look forward.