Daniel Bryan Invokes Alexander Hamilton, Climate Change During SmackDown Promo

Daniel Bryan took his heel turn one step further this week, channeling a United States founding father and parlaying climate change into a rant against the fans.

Perhaps unsurprisingly (this is Daniel Bryan after all), it worked out well. Extremely well.

Bryan was taking part in a MizTV segment with The Miz and was asked again about his motivations and actions in recent weeks. He turned this into a rant about how nobody is his intellectual equal, certainly not the fans, but luckily he has books to keep him company where he can read the words of people like Alexander Hamilton.

Bryan then claimed he was quoting Hamilton, saying that "giving power to the mindless masses is dangerous, both for the individual and the society."

Bryan went on to say what is even more dangerous is the old Daniel Bryan mixed with the knowledge of the knew Daniel Bryan. Miz said these are the same ideas he's been preaching for years. He said that he told Bryan long ago you need to do whatever you need to do to win.

Bryan then turned the promo into an environmentalist rant. He said that although he kicked one man in the groin on one day, the fans commit atrocities on the earth and their fellow man every single day, every single month, and every single year. He talked about over-consumption, using water bottles, and climate change. Everything he said was true, but he delivered in a way (like a scolding parent) that was supposed to induce boo's and it did so.

Bryan went on to again say the Yes Movement is dead. At that point, he took the "Yes" plates off the side of the championship belt and tossed them to the ground. He held up the WWE title belt and said "here is your WWE Champion, the new Daniel Bryan." As he yelled "fickle" at the boo'ing fans, AJ Styles made his way down to the ring.


Bryan and Styles brawled around the ring with Styles on offense early. As Bryan dove back in the ring, Miz got mixed in with it, distracting Styles. As Styles went after Bryan, Miz attacked him from behind and hit the Skull Crushing Finale. Bryan walked up the ramp smiling at Miz as the Miz looked on confused.