Buddy Murphy Will Have Another Chance To Shine This Week On SmackDown Live

One week after making headlines with an excellent match against Roman Reigns, Buddy Murphy will get another chance to shine this week against Daniel Bryan.

Murphy has been intertwined with Bryan in recent weeks due to the storyline over who has attacked Reigns. Murphy initially pointed the finger at Erick Rowan after being confronted about having some knowledge due to the fact that his character was shown on screen just before Reigns had some steel rigs fall on him.

Following his loss to Reigns last week, Murphy was confronted by Bryan and Rowan in the locker room. Bryan pressured him into admitting that he lied about Rowan being the master mind of the Reigns attack.

On Saturday, Murphy put out a post on social media challenging Bryan to a match this week on SmackDown.

Bryan responded swiftly on Twitter.

Last Tuesday night, Daniel Bryan & Rowan forced Buddy Murphy to admit he lied about seeing Rowan at the scene of car accident that nearly maimed Roman Reigns. This Tuesday night, WWE’s Best Kept Secret will look to restore his name against “The New” Daniel Bryan on SmackDown LIVE.

Murphy proved he would not be one to back down when he challenged Bryan to this match over the weekend. Will Buddy be able to get a measure of retaliation after Bryan & Rowan recklessly brutalized him last week?

Find out on SmackDown LIVE at 8/7 C on USA Network.

Reigns and Murphy had one of the best WWE television matches in some time last week. Though Reigns went over, he did everything in his power to help Murphy succeed in looking like a star (and he was successful).


Murphy now has another chance to shine this week against one of WWE's top workers of the last decade. With what should end up being two outstanding matches in as many weeks against two of WWE's top stars of recent years, the arrow is certainly pointing up for Murphy's career.

Now, it will be on WWE to capitalize and strike while the iron is hot. One thing is for sure: Murphy has proved he can hang with the absolute best in the company, and this Tuesday night will be another chance to reinforce that fact.