Daniel Bryan Declares He Is Starting His Own Twitch Channel

Daniel Bryan might not seem to be the likeliest WWE superstar to dive into starting a Twitch channel. After all, the former world champion admits he hasn't played much in the way of video games since the original Nintendo Entertainment System. However, after watching his wife, Brie Bella, appear on ESPN2 playing the UFC 4 video game, Bryan took to social media and joked about maybe getting the itch to start-up on Twitch. Perhaps someone can show him how to stream some old 8-bit classics?

Several stars from the wrestling world have dabbled with video game content. Notably at WWE, Xavier Woods and AJ Styles have large followings on Twitch, and former WWE star Rusev is the latest name to grow a large following on the streaming platform.

After joking about a possible Twitch channel, WWE's Renee Young replied with a hilarious reference to one of the company's past sponsors: Tout. Young and Bryan hosted Talking Smack together on the WWE Network several years ago.

Xavier Woods, WWE's resident video game expert, also jumped into the conversation.


This all looks to be pretty tongue in cheek obviously, but I'm not going to lie, I'd be down to watch Bryan stream some NES over Twitch and I'm guessing thousands of other people would be too!

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