The Dark Order Earns Final Spot in AEW World Trios Titles Finals At All Out

AEW All Out is just a few days away, and there was still one more entrant to be decided for the AEW World Trios Championships Finals. Tonight's AEW Rampage kicked off with a match between the teams of Orange Cassidy, Chuck Taylor, and Trent Beretta and Adam Page, John Silver, and Alex Reynolds. Danhausen also made an appearance but he was quickly thrown out of the ring. There were plenty of near falls throughout the match, but ultimately it was Silver who would deliver a huge pin to Taylor before Beretta and Cassidy could break it up, delivering the win to the Dark Order. Now they will face Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks for the AEW World Trios Championships at All Out, and you can find all of the details on the match below.

Things started out with Danhausen cursing Adam Hangman Page, and then Cassidy jumped in and pounced on Page, including jumping on his back and swinging some rope much to Page's annoyance. Page was slightly amused when Cassidy went for the pockets, and then they backed away from each other and tagged in their partners. A hug was shared amongst the Best Friends and then the Dark Order went to share a hug but it was broken up much to the audience's dismay.

Taylor and Beretta had Silver up top but Page helped out his partner and picked him up, carrying him to safety. Cassidy then went to attack and Silver went to take the hit, which was a super kick. Then kicks abounded until Silver got the last laugh, colliding with Beretta and knocking him down.

Cassidy covered Silver but he kicked out, and then Beretta and Taylor joined forces to lift Silver up and bring him down on his back into a cover attempt, but Silver kicked out. Page would get the tag and clear the ring until he faced off against Cassidy, slamming him down. He would then accidentally collide with Reynolds and then the Best Friends would slam Page through a table on the outside

Reynolds was back on his feet and decked Cassidy in the ring, and then he cleared out the rest of his allies and tagged in Silver. Silver delivered a kick to the side of Cassidy's head and then took out Beretta and Taylor, and then he went in the ring and went on an offensive flurry on Cassidy, but he countered into a Beach Break and went for the cover. Silver kicked out but then Cassidy hit the splash with the Best Friends and went for the cover, but he kicked out.

Cassidy kept Silver away from Page but he got away and tagged in Page, who went up top and knocked Taylor down on the outside. A kick to Cassidy's face followed but Beretta met him up top only to get his move countered into a huge move. Then Page brought down Cassidy into a pin but Taylor broke it up.

Reynolds tagged in and now all three members of the Order were taking shots at Cassidy, hitting a combo of moves. Cassidy countered into a cradle but Silver kicked out. Outside Reynolds was taken out and Taylor brought down Silver form up top into a cover but Page broke it up at the very last second.

Page kicked Taylor and then went for the Buckshot Lariat but Cassidy connected with a punch and knocked Page out of the ring. That's when Silver came out of nowhere and pinned Taylor, and Cassidy nor Beretta could break it up in time, giving the Dark Order the win and their shot at the AEW World Trios Championships against The Elite.


AEW All Out is available on pay-per-view and kicks off at 8 PM EST this Sunday. The pre-show starts at 7 PM EST.

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