Dean Ambrose's Future Plans Potentially Spoiled by Advertisement

While SummerSlam is on our minds, Hell in a Cell is on deck and a new advertisement may have [...]

While SummerSlam is on our minds, Hell in a Cell is on deck and a new advertisement may have spoiled not only a portion of the September show's card but also a piece of Sunday's drama as well.

San Antonio's AT&T Center has already published chunks WWE's plans for Hell in a Cell and it looks like they've done it again. In their latest ad, Hell in Cell will host a tag team match featuring Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose vs. Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre.

While this won't spoil the result of SummerSlam's Intercontinental Championship match between Ziggler and Rollins, it does tip WWE's hand concerning their plans for Ambrose.

After making his prodigal return on Raw this week, many fans believe that Ambrose will betray Rollins at SummerSlam in order to execute a dramatic heel turn. However, if they're planning to team up just a month later in San Antonio, then they'll finish SummerSlam as friends.

With a grudge match set for Hell in a Cell, it does hint at Ziggler keeping his title in Brooklyn — likely through nefarious means. Expect Drew McIntyre to heavily influence the match with Dean Ambrose doing what he can to fend off the Scottish villain.

However, while Ambrose's SummerSlam heel turn looks out of the question, WWE can plant the seeds of Rollins and Ambrose's relationship deteriorating. From this vantage point, it's impossible to know where WWE is headed, but a WrestleMania 35 match between Ambrose and Rollins may be a likely destination. Before Ambrose's tricep surgery, it was rumored he and Rollins were building towards a WrestleMania feud, so resuming that program may be an easy option for WWE.

As of now, we'll guess that WWE doesn't have any rigid plans set because SummerSlam will be such a pivotal moment for the company. If Roman Reigns does finally become Universal Champion, his term on top will lead the company. He'll need a steady diet of compelling opponents and few would excite fans more than Ambrose or Rollins challenging for the big red belt. Even if Reigns leaves Brooklyn without the title, both Rollins and Ambrose are on the short list of Superstars who could hold the belt, so handcuffing them to one another may not be a great option.

Regardless, WWE has no shortage of routes to take on Sunday. This is why Summerslam will be such an intriguing watch — we're bound to see a lot of titles and relationships flip.