Dolph Ziggler Gives Surprising Comment on His WWE Status

The contractual status of the WWE Intercontinental Champion has taken another twist.Earlier this [...]

The contractual status of the WWE Intercontinental Champion has taken another twist.

Earlier this year, it was reported by Sports Illustrated that Dolph Ziggler re-signed with WWE with a downside guarantee of $1.5 million. Sources at the time told me that number was wildly inaccurate, and Ziggler himself appeared to refute those claims during an interview with Mike Johnson of PWInsider this week.

Some reports have indicated that Ziggler's contract with WWE was set to expire this summer and Johnson asked Ziggler for comment while attending a WWE Be a Star rally at the Kipps Bay Boys and Girls Club in the Bronx.

Instead of confirming a contract expiration or the reports of the big contract earlier this year, Ziggler instead asserted that he has not signed several of the contracts that were reported

"I feel like you'll have to see Sunday or Monday, but I've also heard that [my deal was coming up,"] Ziggler said. "I've also heard about several different contracts that I signed, but I didn't sign."

The answer was interesting in that he gave a specific point in time to watch for clues about his contract. Does that mean he will be losing the WWE Intercontinental title and leaving? It wouldn't seem likely given the success he's had since being paired with Drew McIntyre. Johnson pressed further for a comment.

"So, I'm giving you a comment," Ziggler responded. "I've been doing some great work and looking forward to doing what I do and Sunday or Monday, we'll see what direction we're heading in afterwards."

One year ago, Ziggler's WWE career appeared to be languishing. He was then given a storyline on SmackDown where he turned on the fans and came out to no theme music. While it was an improvement, that storyline also was a little flat.

However, Ziggler's trade to RAW during the Superstar Shake-Up certainly reinvigorated his WWE career, notably because of the aforementioned pairing with McIntyre. Ziggler and Seth Rollins have had some of the best matches in the WWE over the last several months and their encounter at SummerSlam tomorrow night should prove to be no different.