Daniel Bryan Retains WWE Title Over Kevin Owens, Mustafa Ali At Fastlane

Daniel Bryan walked out of Fastlane on Sunday still the WWE Champion after defeating both Kevin [...]

Daniel Bryan walked out of Fastlane on Sunday still the WWE Champion after defeating both Kevin Owens and Mustafa Ali in a triple threat match.

Mustafa Ali, who recently returned to WWE action, shocked everyone by entering the match unannounced. Earlier in the night, Vince McMahon had announced the WWE Championship match was going to be made a triple threat in a discussion with Kofi Kingston. The announcers made it clear as Ali entered the match that he never said the third spot would belong to Kingston.

Early in the match, the recently injured Ali took an absolutely insane bump to the outside. See it below for yourself.

Following Ali being laid out on the outside after that, we had Owens and Bryan wrestling one on one for quite a while, which is the usual playbook in a WWE triple threat match. However, later on in the match, all three men were in the match simultaneously for a good amount of time leading to some creative moves.

Ali hit a crazy Spanish Fly on Bryan that sent him to the outside where they teased a title change without Bryan in the ring. It didn't last long though, as Bryan broke up a pinfall attempt after Owens hit a Stunner. Bryan went for a running knee but ran into a Pop-Up Powerbomb for a near fall.

Owens was taken out with a back drop on the ring apron, leaving Bryan and Ali. Ali hit a crazy splash on to Bryan on the apron outside the ropes.

Rowan then came to Bryan's aide and received superkicks from both Ali and Owens for his troubles. Owens then hit a flip dive to the outside on Rowan but turned around to a flying knee from Bryan.

Moments later, Ali hit a flying DDT to Bryan from the ropes to the outside. Owens followed that up with a Pop-Up Powerbomb to Ali on the ring apron. As Owens went to get in the ring and follow up, Rowan took him out which allowed Bryan to climb into the ring for a near fall.

Bryan and Ali got into a back and forth with Bryan screaming "You don't deserve to be here!" They exchanged shots. Ali came flying in off the ropes and Bryan hit him with a flying knee and covered for the pinfall.