WWE Raw: Finn Balor Punches Ticket for Universal Champion Shot at Royal Rumble

There may not be a more tortured fan base in WWE than those who love and support Finn Balor. But on Monday they can all rejoice.

Balor pinned John Cena to earn a Universal Championship match against Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble on January 27. Balor's win came on a night where Vince McMahon publicly rejected the idea of Balor being a main eventer, saying he didn't the "beef" of Cena, Baron Corbin or Drew McIntyre.

Maybe Vince McMahon hasn't checked Balor's Twitter feed.

Nonetheless, Balor is back on top of WWE, challenging for the big red belt he was forced to give up in 2016.

After the match, Cena gave Balor the proverbial rub then reminded the fans that McMahon had mocked him earlier in the evening. Cena said the fans are behind Balor, and so is he.

Balor and Lesnar have next to zero history together, which may make things more interesting. While Braun Strowman was certainly qualified to challenge Lesnar, it was a match we've seen before. However, it looks like his wounds from elbow surgery are still healing and caused WWE to call an audible on Raw.


There were rumors of WWE getting behind Balor in 2019, but few would have predicted him landing in a Universal Championship match with Lesnar. For several years, Lesnar has been reserved for WW cash cows like Roman Reigns and Strowman, by getting crack at The Beast, at the Rumble nonetheless, this may be the biggest opportunity in Balor's WWE career.

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