WWE Rumor: Finn Balor to Receive Significant Push

Like many WWE Superstars, Finn Balor's time in WWE's limelight has been sporadic. However, 2019, [...]

Like many WWE Superstars, Finn Balor's time in WWE's limelight has been sporadic. However, 2019, could finally be his year.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Balor is about to get a "significant push' up WWE's card. The specifics of the opportunity are unknown but Balor's step up is supposed to last a "little while."

There was something different about Balor pinning Drew McIntyre at TLC last week. For the past several months, it's been McIntyre who's been attached to rumors of a big push, but recent booking suggests Balor will also get an upgrade. It's hard to say where this takes Balor, but a run in the Intercontinental ranks seems like a logical expectation.

Balor is certainly a popular WWE Superstar but that hasn't translated to the success his fans had hoped for. While he did become the inaugural Universal Champion in 2016, Balor was forced to relinquish the title hours after winning it due to a significant shoulder injury. Since returning, Balor's opportunities have been limited, if not non-existent. However, WWE is in desperate need for male stars and 2019 may finally be the year they hand the ball the Balor.

About this time last year, rumors emerged that Vince McMahon did not see Balor as a main event level talent. That may still be the case, but Balor can still help the company in their upper-mid card. This seems to be where he's heading as he's been sharing the ring with the likes of McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler, wrestlers who are established but not part of the Universal Championship picture.

It's likely Balor never sniffs the big red belt again, but in WWE, anything is possible. But at 37-years- old the Irishman will need a big 2019 if he wants to climb back to WWE's peak. At this moment, WWE appears to be leaning towards Seth Rollins as their top guy, but in the wake of Roman Reigns' departure, WWE will need multiple personalities to keep their main event compelling. And maybe Finn Balor can be part of that.