Goldberg Says He Was Knocked Out During Super ShowDown Main Event

Fans watching today's WWE Super ShowDown were treated to an extraordinarily sloppy match between The Undertaker and Bill Goldberg.

It turns out, there might be a very good reasons for that.

Goldberg took to his Twitter account after the show to explain why he failed to perform to the best of his ability, notably a botched Jackhammer maneuver. His explanation was that he was actually knocked out during the match.

His comment about everyone who took "pleasure" in the moment is directed at what was undoubtedly thousands of notifications that he logged into when he first fired up his Twitter account. Fans were brutal in their assessment of the match and how it did not live up to expectations.


In the end, The Undertaker was victorious following a choke slam around the eight minute and 30 second mark. Earlier, Goldberg kicked out of a Tombstone finisher.

The match closed the event, which was universally panned by critics. One could tell by watching the closing moments that The Undertaker in particular was disappointed in his performance in the main event.