Harley Race Suffering From Lung Cancer, Reportedly 'Not Terminal'

During a recent appearance at a "Legends of the Ring" convention in New Jersey, Ric Flair alleged that fellow WWE Hall of Famer Harley Race is battling terminal lung cancer. It was later revealed that though Race is indeed battling lung cancer, the situation is not terminal.

Flair made the comments during a question and answer session, according to Jay Alletto, who was tweeting out some of Flair's responses during the session.

The careers of Flair and Race will always be historically linked, going back to their time battling over the NWA World Championship. Race is generally considered one of the greatest champions of all time and helped put a young Flair on the map, notably in their championship cage match at the original Starrcade in 1983.

Over the years, Race has been visible in the area surrounding his hometown of Kansas City, Missouri, but those appearances have become more and more rare of late. For example, this writer used to routinely see Race at the Lou Thesz/George Tragos Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame events every summer in Iowa, however Race's appearances at that yearly event have become more rare in recent years.

Race did make an appearance at an independent wrestling show last weekend in Akron, Ohio and is scheduled to appear on March 19th for his promotion, World League Wrestling, in St. Louis.


We hope to have further update on Race's condition soon but needless to say, best wishes go out to one of wrestling's all time greatest performers.