Impact Wrestling Star Almost Went to WWE Before Re-Signing

Impact Wrestling just held its Rebellion pay-per-view, which saw Josh Alexander defeat Moose to become the new Impact Wrestling World Champion. The storyline between them would not have happened though if Moose hasn't re-signed with Impact back in 2021, and Moose recently confirmed Fightful Select's report that revealed he was going to sign with WWE before a new deal ultimately swayed him to re-sign with Impact Wrestling. It is certainly an interesting case of what if, but Moose ended up becoming Impact World Champion and a monster heel for Impact after re-signing, so things definitely worked out.

According to the report, Moose had informal talks with WWE that included pitches for him to go to WWE and the potential for moving straight to the main roster, but Vince McMahon would have had to personally give that the green light. During that time Impact had already made an offer to Moose, but Moose said he had decided to leave for WWE at that point.

Impact's Scott D'Amore would approach him with a final offer though that ultimately got him to re-sign with the company. The deal was a major improvement upon his old deal, but Impact needed a quick answer to get it done, and Moose would decide to take it and re-sign. According to those Fightful spoke to in WWE, there was no heat on him for making that decision.

WWE sources with knowledge of the talks say that Canyon Ceman was point man on the deal, but that WWE would have been very particular about not moving into contract tampering territory, Ceman isn't with the company anymore. As for Moose, his new deal with Impact was for two years, and year one has gone pretty well for him, so we'll have to wait and see what the future holds for him.


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