Io Shirai Defeats Mia Yim for NXT TakeOver: WarGames Advantage

The next NXT TakeOver is not only special because it will feature the return of the fan-favorite WarGames match, but it will also break ground with the very first Women's WarGames match. This has lead to both Io Shirai and Mia Yim facing off for an advantage for either Team Baszler or Team Ripley, and this has been marked with a ladder match in which the both of these competitors had something to prove. In order to determine which team would be able to send in a member first, the two really put that no-disqualification rule to the test.

While it seemed like at many moments that the match would swing toward Mia Yim when Dakota Kai came in to help her against Io Shirai, Yim was even more surprised when the NXT UK Women's Champion Kay Lee Ray swooped in and helped Io Shirai clench the victory.

There were a few moments that looked like Yim was going to take it as she managed to do quite a bit of damage to Shirai with the ladder. But each time Yim attempted something, Shirai was there with a fearsome counter. Although Shirai did have some damage done to her hand, which made climbing the ladder to officially win the advantage a huge issue, Yim just took much more of the heavier hits overall.

There was one moment in particular in which it looked like Yim would be taken out of the match completely when a stray ladder shot had her bleeding profusely, and thus she had to seek medical attention. The match did not end, however, and Shirai nearly climbed the ladder then. But she was soon interrupted by Dakota Kai -- who had promised to help Yim before the match began -- but this wasn't enough for Yim to take the win either.

As Yim made it to the top of the ladder and nearly grabbed the briefcase to take the win, NXT UK Women's Champion Kay Lee Ray suddenly appeared and pushed Yim off the top of the ladder. Yim fell straight to the ground, and this Shirai had enough time to climb the ladder to victory. It seemed here like Kay Lee Ray would be the final member of Shayna Baszler's team, but they were soon interrupted by SmackDown Women's Champion Bayley, who had been running roughshod through the women's division all night.