Jason David Frank Calls Out CM Punk Again

Power Rangers icon Jason David Frank is at it again, calling out CM Punk for ignoring his past challenges to meet in the ring.

Frank, who will play Bloodshot in the upcoming Ninjak vs. the Valiant Universe webseries, provided The Blast with an exclusive video, in which he implores Punk not to ignore him.

"I don't understand why you're not fighting me," Frank said, adding that "millions of fans around the world want to watch me fight you."

The ongoing and mostly one-sided war of words between the pair has been going on for some time, dating back to around the time CM Punk made his UFC debut. Before he even stepped into the Octagon for the first time, Frank said that Punk came from "fake" wrestling and that he would defeat Punk in a UFC fight. Later, he would go on to detail his strategy for winning, and later still would taunt the unresponsive Punk.

"I had to post this," Frank posted to Facebook, along with a link to his latest video. "I have millions of fans around the world constantly asking me about when CM Punk and I will fight. This is no disrespect towards CM Punk, but this is the fight the world wants to see, at least my fans. After all, hype makes fights and there's been hype about this for over 2 years. It would be great to merge the wrestling fans and my fans and make this fight happen. I know there are talks of Mayweather and others that will fight CM Punk, but I am here and the challenge is still out there."

He added, in spite of his emphasis on earning potential and spectacle, that he would "fight for free just for fun."

The actor will return to the franchise that made him famous next week in Power Rangers: Hyperforce, in which he will play the role of Lord Drakkon.



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