Jim Ross Thinks Shawn Michaels Is Back in WWE for Multiple Matches

After nearly a decade of retirement, Shawn Michaels will compete this Friday at WWE Crown Jerel. and WWE Hall of Famer, Jim Ross think this may be the first of several matches for HBK in what will most certainly be his final chapter.

During his podcast, The Jim Ross Report, Good Ol' JR reasoned that Michaels—despite being 53—is likely to have multiple matches in the coming months.

"I think Shawn [has] got plenty of matches left in him if he's wisely booked." Ross claimed, "in other words, I don't see the return at Saudi Arabia being a one-off. If Shawn can go out and maintain the level of performance that he will be comfortable with, and trust me, he will not be comfortable with mediocrity. Does he have to adjust his game a little bit? Of course he does! He will be great no matter what," he said.

Michaels last fought at WrestleMania 26, but Ross reminds us that long hiatuses have been as much a part of HBK's career as his Sweet Chin Music.

"When he was off for four years and then he came back to wrestle at WWE, I told him when I went to San Antonio [Texas] that he owed it to himself more than anything else to finish his legacy and don't let it end this way. I'm sure others would tell him the same thing. He took it to heart and made the decision on his own. And he came back and the night he was back, he was amazing. After four years off, no practice," he said.

Right now Michaels is only booked to tag with Triple H at Crown Jewel against The Undertaker and Kane. However there rumors of him getting a singles match at Survivor Series and WrestleMania 35. Right now, consider that only to be speculative, but Ross seems to believe it's in the realm of possibility.

"So Shawn [has] got a lot left in the tank, in my view, if the vehicle is driven correctly. Pedal to the metal, day-in-day-out ain't going to happen. If he's smartly and strategically booked, you're damn right, I could see him having something big and significant at WrestleMania. He would be if I was sitting in that chair suggesting stuff. At least that would be the suggestion," he said.


We'll know more after Crown Jewel on WWE plans for Michaels. If he looks good, then you can bank on him wrestling again—especially if his tag match sees him magnify his beef with the Undertaker or perhaps an unannounced Superstar.

[H/T Wrestling Inc.]