Shawn Michaels Rumored for Major WWE Pay-Per-View

Despite being retired for nearly a decade, Shawn Michaels' name has been perpetually rumored in recent months for a WWE in-ring return. While he'll be at the Super Show-Down and probably Crown Jewel, a new report indicates he may be active at Survivor Series.

WrestleVotes, a twitter account with access behind WWE's curtain, writes that the 53-year old Michaels is likely heading to a one-on-one match with The Undertaker. Apparently, some within WWE want that match to happen at the 2019 Royal Rumble, but Survivor Series may be more likely.

"Hearing that Shawn Michaels will indeed wrestle more than just the upcoming Saudi Tag bout. A one on one match vs. The Undertaker is planned. While some want it at Chase Field for the Rumble, I’m told the discussion is centered around Survivor Series in LA," wrote WrestleVotes.

As it stands, HBK will be in Triple H's Corner for the October 6 Super Show-Down when he takes on 'Taker "for the last time." However, Kane will be at Undertaker's side leading many to think that the Australian fight will lead to a tag match at the November 2 Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia.

This rumor piggybacks that one, and if there is a tag match in Saudi Arabia, then we can look for Michaels and Taker to build for a super match later in 2018 or in early 2019. It's impossible to guess if Survivor Series would play host, but it certainly feels like HBK and Taker may dance a final time.


Since their dueling Raw promo, speculation has run wild in attaching them to a blockbuster match. By Taker essentially daring HBK to come out of retirement, a foundation was laid for a story. It could just as easily not happen, but we'll soon find out if WWE is indeed heading in this direction.

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