John Morrison Explains Why He Decided to Come Back to the WWE

John Morrison recently signed a multi-year contract to return to the WWE, and while he hasn't appeared on any of WWE's three brands yet he did appear on this week's episode of WWE's YouTube series The Bump. Early on in his interview the former Intercontinental and WWE Tag Team Champion was asked about his time away from the company, and what caused him to finally come back. Morrison admitted that he always planned on coming back at some point, but was having too much fun working in other promotions like Lucha Underground and Impact Wrestling to come back sooner.

"When I left in 2011, I meant to take a year off," Morrison said. "I wanted to make some movies and do my own thing for a little bit. That year turned into eight years. It's crazy how fast the time flew. And part of it was I was having a lot of fun wrestling for other places. Every time you wrestle for another place, you sign a contract and they wanna have you sign for longer and extend and extend. I felt like I was a really big part of all these organizations; Lucha Underground, IMPACT, 5 Star. I was like the guy, the brand ambassador. It was cool having all that autonomy."

"Why did I come back? Or why did it take so long? I think I was just having so much fun doing what I was doing. I had always meant to come back," Morrison said. "At this point, when I realized, 'I better get my ass back to WWE before ten years goes by.' Because time is flying."

During the episode Morrison was also surprised with video messages from Al Snow, his former trainer, and an interview with his former tag partner The Miz. Miz said he hopes Morrison chooses to go back to SmackDown so the pair can finish what they started nearly a decade ago.

"It would be awesome to be on SmackDown, and maybe even do a couple more episodes of The Dirt Sheet," Morrison said.


After a clip show of the highlights from that web series, Morrison said his favorite part was when the two would drive from town to town making each other laugh while coming up with ideas for the show. As a tag team, the pair held both the WWE and the World Tag Team Championships for a combined 363 days.