Johnny Gargano Wants Daniel Bryan on NXT

Those who have been watching WWE SmackDown have no doubt noticed the absence of Daniel Bryan on the blue brand, and that's because he lost to Universal Champion Roman Reigns in a stipulation match. The stipulation was that if Bryan lost, he would have to leave SmackDown for good, and while he did cheat to get the win (thanks to Jey Uso), he got it nonetheless. Now Bryan is a free agent, and while many feel he will eventually pop up on Monday Night Raw, during a recent conversation with Johnny Gargano, Gargano made it clear he would love for Bryan to head to NXT.

Gargano recently shared a video of Bryan on NXT talking about how he wanted to get Gargano on SmackDown, and now Gargano is returning the favor.

"So he can't go to SmackDown anymore, so obviously, I'm in NXT. The only thing for him to do now obviously is to come down NXT," Gargano said. "I remember back then when he was making the pitch for me to come to SmackDown, he really wanted us to be a team, which would have been amazing.
Obviously, I had other things going on in my life during that time with Tommaso and everything like that. And I definitely didn't feel like I was anywhere near leaving NXT, but now obviously, I think the door should be wide open for him to come to NXT. Obviously, NXT now is a different incarnation than it was back in 2018."

"But I think now he has the opportunity to come here and selfishly, I want him to come here just because I think the potential match-ups for him here are just so exciting. I'm able to throw my name in the ring of having the ultimate street match, I guess ultimate underdog street match in me versus Daniel Bryan," Gargano said. But also, you have matches with Pete Dunne, you have matches with Kushida, you have matches with Tommaso, you have matches with Cole, you have matches with Kyle O'Reilly. I think the list goes on and on and on of guys that Daniel Bryan getting in the ring with, it would be amazing to see."

"So yes, Daniel Bryan, if you are listening to this, please come to NXT. Everyone here wants you. Everyone wants to get in the ring with you. That'd be tons of fun, man,' Gargano pitched.


We have to agree that Bryan on NXT would be fantastic, so fingers crossed it happens, at least for a little bit.

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