Jackass Crew Reveals If They're Rooting for Johnny Knoxville to Get His Butt Kicked at WWE WrestleMania

Beloved Jackass ringleader Johnny Knoxville is taking his talents from the big screen to the biggest stage this weekend. Earlier this year, Knoxville made a guest WWE appearance with some of his co-stars to promote Jackass Forever, which eventually led to more appearances and a rivalry with WWE superstar Sami Zayn. Now Knoxville and Zayn are set to fight at Wrestlemania 38 this weekend in Arlington, Texas. Unsurprisingly, the members of the Jackass crew are really looking forward to seeing Knoxville in the ring.

ComicBook.com recently caught up with a few of the stars of Jackass Forever, all of whom have been working alongside Knoxville for more than two decades, and we asked their thoughts on their pal's upcoming Wrestlemania bout. Are they hoping to see Knoxville beat Zayn, or do the decades of Jackass pranks have them hoping for a different outcome?

"I think he's going to win," Dave England told us. "He's going to win, whether we like it or not." Ehren McGhehey was less optimistic, simply observing that Knoxville "is really good at getting his ass kicked by big men."

Chris Pontius doesn't feel quite a definitively about the situation. Regardless of the eventual outcome, he just seems excited to watch his longtime pal compete on the Wrestlemania stage.

"Oh I'm thrilled," Pontius said with a smile."Wrestling is so fun and I've always been a huge wrestling fan. Steve-O and I have gotten to wrestle a few times. But you know what, I like both of them. I don't really care who wins, just the fact that he's in Wrestlemania is so awesome."

Knoxville and Sami Zayn will be competing in an Anything Goes match at Wrestlemania on Sunday, April 3rd. The storyline between the two has been building for quite a while, but Zayn recently revealed that his match against Knoxville wasn't always the plan for Wrestlemania.

"Every single time I was in the ring with him, every time he snuck in the ring or he did what he did or whenever his music hit, it was, by far, the biggest reaction on the show that night – and I know because I was in the ring for all of them," Zayn told the Dallas Morning News. "So, the fans love him, and I think what happened is there is such a gravitation toward him and the response was so good that I think it ended up pushing this story further, which has both been a good thing and a bad thing for me because, you know, now I have to deal with all his shenanigans and his ... ugh ... all the stuff that comes with dealing with Johnny Knoxville."

Wrestlemania 38 takes place on Saturday, April 2nd and Sunday, April 3rd in Arlington, Texas. Both nights of the event will be streaming live on Peacock.