Keith Lee Defeats Roderick Strong for the NXT North American Championship

The most anticipated match of this week's WWE NXT headlined the show as Roderick Strong defended the NXT North American Championship against Keith Lee.

The rest of the Undisputed Era surrounded the ring as Lee, one of the rising stars in the promotion, attempted to win the brand's secondary championship.

Late in the match, Lee sent Strong to the outside with a Pounce, resulting in Strong taking out the NXT Tag Team Champions (Fish and O'Reilly). When they came back in the ring, Lee hit a huge lariat for a near fall.


Lee then went up to the second rope and went for a moonsault but Strong dodged it and locked in an ankle lock, right in the middle of the ring. Lee struggled across the ring and eventually reached the ropes for a break.

The men then exchanged chops in the middle of the ring before Lee sent Strong down with a left hand. Undisputed Era then all jumped on the ring apron and Lee took them all out, but he turned around into a running knee strike and single leg dropkick. Lee then kicked out of a pinfall, dodged a move off the ropes from Strong, and hit the Big Bang Catastrophe and covered for the victory.