Kevin Owens Wins After Being Choke Slammed Off Cage at Extreme Rules

In a match that most people didn't expect to last very long, Kevin Owens and Braun Strowman did battle in a steel cage match at Extreme Rules on Sunday night. And it ended up going longer and ending much more memorably than expected.

Owens entered the ring looking very hesitant and immediately tried to escape the cage once the bell rang, but Braun yanked him down and begged him to fight him. Owens then finally attacked with some punches but was taken down by a shove and a big boot.

Strowman missed a big shot and Owens hit a superkick followed by a cannon ball into the corner. Owens then hit the frog splash off the top rope but Strowman kicked out at one as the announcers freaked out that this was his chance to win. Owens then crawled for the oor but was dragged back in.

Owens then begged off Strowman but Braun hit him with a big shot to the chest and followed that up by tossing him into the cage. The crowd chanted "one more time" and Braun obliged. He then did it a third time. Strowman then lifted Owens up and tossed him face first into the cage.

Owens dodged another attempt by Strowman to throw him into the cage and hit a Stone Cold Stunner. Owens tried to crawl out again but Braun slammed the door into his face. Shortly thereafter, Owens fought back again and hit a series of superkicks before handcuffing Strowman to the top rope. Braun tried to yank it off while Owens hit him with some hard shots.

Owens yelled "that's what you get, what are you going to do now?" Strowman reached out, grabbed him by the throat, and choke slammed Owens. He continued to try to yank the handcuffs off as Owens told him to "suck it" and gave him a crotch chop before climbing up the cage. Owens to to the top and blew a kiss at Strowman. Strowman then yanked his hand out of the handcuff, breaking it in the process, and climbed to the top of the cage with Owens.


As the two both stood on the top of the cage, Braun grabbed him by the throat and choke slammed him off the top of the cage through the announce table below.

In doing so, Owens actually won the match since he technically escaped the cage first.