Advertisements May Have Spoiled Kofi Kingston's WrestleMania 35 Plans

Given the amount of energy WWE has spent on Kofi Kingston's WrestleMania plight, history says [...]

Given the amount of energy WWE has spent on Kofi Kingston's WrestleMania plight, history says he'll get his shot at Daniel Bryan and his WWE Championship. However, precedent aside, a pair of early advertisements for the April 7th mega show appear to have spoiled Kingston's plans.

It's possible WWE uses SmackDown on Tuesday to officially book Kingston vs. Bryan for the WWE Championship at 'Mania, but even if they don't, this pair of ads look to seal the deal.

The first comes from a WWE-sponsored Instagram video where each major match for April 7th is featured. And sure enough, Kingston vs. Bryan is on there.

The second slip comes from Kurt Angle's Instagram page, where in an effort to promote the show, he published a WrestleMania poster, one that has Kingston and Bryan eerily aligned.

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2 weeks from today.... I end my farewell tour with my final match at #wrestlemania35 #farewellmatch #itstrue

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This is hardly a surprise, and anyone who's familiar with WWE knows that the last few weeks of torment for Kingston will lead to a WrestleMania breakthrough. Whether or not he wins is a much different story, but WWE is clearly invested in the idea of getting Kingston his shot.

For most of 2019, WWE has positioned Kingston and Vince McMahon as adversaries. Without great justification, McMahon has placed an unfair amount of obstacles in Kingston's march to WrestleMania, with last week's Gauntlet Match being the latest example. Kingston came up short, and according to stipulations lost out on his WrestleMania opportunity. However, with two weeks left, we guess WWE finds a way to give the people Bryan vs. Kingston on April 7th.

While Becky Lynch has ridden an organic tsunami of adoration all the way to WrestleMania's main event, Kingston looks to have bottled similar lighting. Fortified by a decade of goodwill, Kingston has reminded us how great of an in-ring hero he can play, and it looks like WWE is ready to run with that concept.

During a media event with WWE, Kingston said that his recent spike in popularity is oddly similar to Daniel Bryan's 2014 Yes Movement.

"I think it is similar. It is awesome when the WWE Universe is dictating what happens on WWE television. Vince came on RAW and Smackdown a few months ago and said they were going to listen to the people, and that's what the WWE Universe wants, to be listened to," Kofi said. "When something like the 'Yes Movement' happens organically, it's not written in the writer's room, it's not a story that people think about and it just happens, it's an organic storyline. There's definitely a lot of similarities where the universe has just hijacked the show. They made their voices and opinions very well known and I'm very appreciative of them."