Logan Paul Reveals WWE is "Very Accommodating" to His Boxing Return

Logan Paul faces Dillon Danis on October 14th.

Logan Paul is returning to the boxing ring. The social media superstar is scheduled to face Belabor MMA fighter Dillon Danis in a boxing match on October 14th as part of The Prime Card, a boxing event put together by Paul and KSI. This bout is fairly unprecedented in the world of combat sports as it will come just two months after Paul last competed inside a WWE ring, as he faced Ricochet this past August at WWE SummerSlam. The last time a fighter competed in two different combat sports this close together would have been Brock Lesnar, as the Beast Incarnate fought inside the octagon at UFC 200 just one month before facing Randy Orton at WWE SummerSlam 2016.

Logan Paul on WWE's Support Following Boxing Return

(Photo: WWE)

Speaking on The MMA Hour, Logan Paul revealed that he was able to take this boxing match against Dillon Danis because his WWE schedule allowed for it.

"We gotta find a time in the schedule to carve out a time to box. I am technically a full-time wrestler," Paul said. "I'm on the roster, I have a contract, and it's also a goal of mine to get WWE championships. I didn't just come to partake. I came to take over. You don't do that if you're hopping in and out of the sport. So we gotta find time to box and find time to wrestle, and they've been very accommodating."

Paul has been a part-time member of the WWE roster since early 2022. He has wrestled seven total matches and has two singles victories to his name inside the squared circle.

When asked if his return to boxing was due to professional wrestling leaving a combative itch unscratched, Paul emphasized that the two satisfy different aspects of what he enjoys about fighting.

"Boxing is just so much more intensely violent. Both sports have their danger and both extremely primal," Paul continued. "I often feel like I'm born in the wrong generation. I like the idea of two men, two women, humans going at it with all they have. I don't know, I just feel like I'm built for it. Boxing ignited a certain part of my brain that wrestling doesn't, and wrestling ignites a certain part of my brain that boxing doesn't. I like going back and forth. Also, who's doing it? I gotta make a legacy somehow."