Maryse on Whether She'll Wrestle Again, Success of the WWE Women's Division

Former WWE Diva's Champion Maryse has become a bigger star outside of the ring than she was while [...]

Former WWE Diva's Champion Maryse has become a bigger star outside of the ring than she was while competing for WWE.

But will the reality television star and part-time valet consider a return to action in the future? Maryse is currently away from television as she is pregnant with she and The Miz's second child. Their first child, Monroe Sky, was born last year.

Maryse addressed this question during an interview with Gamespot.

"I never say never," Marsye said.. "When I had Monroe, I was back in the ring four months after giving birth. Five months after giving birth, I was main eventing Smackdown Live in a singles match, which has never really been done before, ever. So, if you were to ask me that when I was pregnant with Monroe, I would of laughed. I would have said, 'No, come on. Let's not get crazy here.' And that happened. So, this second time around, I really don't know what to expect because you never really know what to expect with WWE. That's the beauty of WWE is that you just never know. And it just surprised us also because I been with this company for almost thirteen years and I still get surprised, so, never say never. You never know."

It was amazing to see how quickly Maryse bounced back from her pregnancy last year to compete in the ring. However, as any parent can tell you, having two children is a whole different animal than having two when it comes to child care and leaving the home. Though we're sure that Maryse will have no problem getting physically into shape to compete once again, those two children will undoubtedly pull at her heart strings when it comes to leaving home to wrestle.

While Maryse has competed sparingly in recent years, it's been several years since she worked a full time schedule as a wrestler. The WWE women's division has really taken off since that time, and Maryse told Gamespot how happy she is to see the gains made by her fellow women stars.

"It's just to show you that there is no limits to all of this," she said. "And I know it might sound cheesy, but it's true. The sky's the limit. And for me, having a daughter, it just made me really happy. Women made it. It's becoming the norm. Women are going to be in the room running stuff. It's going to be the norm. It's going to be the normality. So I think that the next goal is just that. It's just to have men and women. You're qualified, you're good, then just go rock it, you know? It's just a crazy time for the women in this industry. It's just really insane to watch."