Report: Status Update on Matt Hardy After Violent AEW All Out Match

Matt Hardy and Sammy Guevara had what can only be described as a scary (disturbing) match on Saturday night at AEW All Out. Early in the bout, the two fought in the backstage area between TIAA Bank Field and Daily's Place in Jacksonville. They fought to the top of a lift, where Hardy was speared off the top through a table below. Hardy appeared to clear the table and his head smacked the concrete floor below.

At that point, the match was stopped due to what everyone assumed was an injury. However, the match later continued and they fought into Daily's Place and climbed up one of the steel structures on the entrance ramp. Guevara was then sent through the entrance way for Hardy to win the match, and thus, not have to retire as the stipulation indicated.

However, the match received a ton of criticism due to it continuing after Hardy was clearly injured from the spot on the concrete. Bryan Alvarez later reported that Hardy was taken to a hospital in Jacksonville to be examined, further clarifying that he really was injured when he was sent to the ground off the lift rather than it being a planned angle.

Hardy's wife, Reby Hardy, even commented on the spot on social media.


Pro Wrestling Sheet reported that the spot backstage was rehearsed twice prior to the match, with an insured stunt person supervising at one point. At this point, Hardy's condition is not known. ComicBook will have updates on Hardy's condition as they become available.