Watch: Matt Hardy Changes the Lake of Reincarnation Into a Pool, Teases Another Character Change

While Matt Hardy hasn't been given much to do on WWE television lately beyond lose matches, the former WWE Tag Team Champion continues to tease a character change on his personal YouTube account. The latest installment in his "#FreeTheDelete" series recaps what's happened so far, showing Hardy's "Broken" persona chastising him over and over for "diverting your destiny." After interacting with Senor Benjamin, Skarsgard the Dilapidated Boat and Vanguard One, Hardy seemingly transforms back into Broken Matt by attacking one of his gardeners. He then has a friend help carry water from the Lake of Reincarnation to fill his new pool, saying that he needs to "be reborn" once again. The video ends with Hardy falling back into the pool.

Fans of the "Broken Universe" are likely familiar with the mystical lake. The lake has previously been used on the likes of Jeff Hardy and Shane Helms, and wound up playing a pivotal role in turning Bray Wyatt babyface during his feud with Wyatt.

Recently on Twitter Hardy has indicated he feels whatever "debt" he owes WWE for his lackluster departure back at the start of the decade has been repaid.

"I needed to return to @WWE to finish in the right way," Hardy recently tweeted. "I didn't want 2010 to be my finale. I returned in the most EPIC way & repaid my debt. I waved the #WWE flag with pride & worked hard to be a model employee. My conscience is clear & I am at peace."

He also explained that his recent absent from television had nothing to do with any sort of injury.

"A few notes -I'm actually VERY healthy right now -I did not 'semi-retire', I could have still been working at that time. Was not my call," Hardy wrote. "-I am always down to put talent over, but I am NOT in that phase of my career. I have much, much more to offer the industry."


Earlier this month Hardy and his wife Reby Sky welcomed their third child, Bartholomew "Bartie" Hardy.

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After being off of television for several months (but still working the house show circuit), Hardy wrestled and lost to Buddy Murphy and Drew McIntyre on recent episodes of Monday Night Raw.