Migos' Quavo Honors Takeoff in Emotional Tribute, Recalls First Dream Was to be Tag Team Partners in WWE

Migos member Takeoff (Kirshnik Khari Ball) was tragically killed in Texas on November 1st, and Quavo penned an emotional and heartfelt tribute to his late friend on Instagram. Quavo talks about growing up with Takeoff was always focused on the goal, whatever that goal may evolve to. He also talks about his love for music always being there, and early on in the tribute Quavo shares that their first dream was to be Tag Team partners in WWE, and that they had every action figure and imitated them too. Our hearts go out to all of Takeoff's family and friends at this time, and you can find an excerpt from Quavo's tribute below.

Quavo wrote "Dear Take, it's so hard to tell you Ima miss you because you always with me
and we did everything together.
Since we were kids you been by my side
Lookin up at me, them eyes waiting on me to make the next move..
Then you followed up right behind me.
You always made sure I did it first so you can do it right with me.
You never competed with me, we were always on same team.
You hated playing against me
Because I was always playing too hard or too ruff then I can hear my mama say
"Sonnnn not too ruff" cuz I didn't like to lose!"

"Remember, our first dream was to be tag team partners in WWE.
We fell in love with WWF wrestling...man we had every action figure.
Thought we was gonna be pro wrestlers
Cuz the way he imitated all the wrestlers so good and if you know Take,
His imitation skills are to the T.. he could imitate anybody just ask Danny and P," Quavo wrote.

"Super quiet though, quietest in the room
But paid attention to everything going on in the room, always been like that!!!
Nothing ever really bothered Take and he didn't bother anybody.
He the most unbothered person in the world.
He never got mad, he never raised his voice,
And when he did, he silenced the room because what Take said was law
And he wasn't changing his mind fa na, not even Un could,
You just gotta let em cool off for bout 30mins.
But by far the funniest person in room.
Once you got him goin he wouldn't stop," Quavo wrote.

"And last but not least he took time with everything.
We called it the "Takeoff Time."
Whenever we would be running late to the shows
He would always say "God will get us there on time."
Some shows God did, some shows we were late.
Point is he trusted God though," Quote wrote.

Throughout this whole time he had a REAL passion for music
It was HIS dream to become a rapper cuz I didn't know what I wanted to do.
I tried everything, all the sports. After every game I would come home
And he would just sit there playing the game with the controller in his hand looking,
And look at my face and he could tell we lost another game.
So sports wasn't his thing cuz he saw me lose all the time.
This is how I knew he was gonna be a rapper.
Growing up he knew every song off the Hot Boyz album,
Every lyric word for word and he was cursing up a storm.
Mama heard him rapping, took the CD and said that music was too grown for us..
Until we won the Boys, and Girls Club talent show together
Performing "Get Ya Roll On" by Big Timers, it was all good then," Quavo wrote.

H/T Fightful