Report: A Fan Tried to Attack Mike Tyson After Saturday's Roy Jones Jr. Fight

Following his draw against Roy Jones Jr. on Saturday night, former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson was reportedly challenged to another fight as he attempted to leave the Los Angeles Staples Center. According to TMZ Sports, Tyson approached a group of fans outside the arena who were asking for autographs as he was leaving the building. It was then that a man in the crowd tried to challenge Tyson to a fight.

"Our sources say Mike jokingly responded, joking with the dude that it probably wouldn't end well for him," the report read. "Next thing you know, we're told the dude swung at Mike ... and then proceeded to reach into his waistband, as if trying to pull out a weapon. Our sources say Mike's team jumped in right away before things got ugly."

The report said the man then fled the scene, and that members of the security team recognized him from a previous incident. No police reports were filed as everyone had left by the time the cops arrived.

Both men were asked during the broadcast if they were happy with the draw decision. Tyson said he was, while Jones hyped up a possible rematch.

“I’m good with that. I’m good with a draw. I entertained the crowd, I’m happy with that,” Tyson said.

“Hell naw, I am never satisfied with a draw. I don’t do draws," Jones added. "But, that dude is so strong man. I understand why they say some things are bucket lists, because when he hits you, whether it’s his head of his punches, his body shots, don’t matter. So for me, I thought I did enough boxing on the outside to edge it out. But, I’m cool with a draw, I’m gonna come out here and try to do it again.”


In an interview the day before the fight with USA TODAY, Tyson said psychedelics were what convinced him to return to the ring

“I took the medicine and the medicine told me to get into shape,’’ Tyson told the media on Friday. “It really blew my mind. It told me to come back and start getting in shape. ... During that session of boxing when I was getting shellacked, never once did I say, ‘What the — am I doing here?’ I said, 'Woo, I belong here.'"