Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. Discuss Rematch

Mike Tyson is down for a rematch with Roy Jones Jr. and it looks like the strange fight could happen. The pair's highly-anticipated return to the ring happened this weekend and ended in a draw. So, the fighting world wasn't exactly thrilled at that result. However, it's looking like there could be another set of rounds on the horizon. Tyson was asked on the telecast about the prospect of stepping into the ring with the legend again. He sounded ready to do it right now if it was necessary. (Exactly what you would expect from Iron Mike to be honest.) However, Jones said he wanted a little bit of time to think about it before promising something he couldn't deliver. Check out their comments below:

"I'm good with that. I'm good with a draw. I entertained the crowd, I'm happy with that," Tyson said.

However Jones wasn't satisfied with a draw, "H*** naw, I am never satisfied with a draw. I don't do draws. But, that dude is so strong man. I understand why they say some things are bucket lists, because when he hits you, whether it's his head of his punches, his body shots, don't matter. So for me, I thought I did enough boxing on the outside to edge it out. But, I'm cool with a draw, I'm gonna come out here and try to do it again."

Tyson had some of his trademark bizarre comments on the road to this fight. He explained that his decision to return to the ring rose from a prophetic DMT hallucination.

"I took the medicine and the medicine told me to get into shape,'' Tyson told the media on Friday. "It really blew my mind. It told me to come back and start getting in shape.'' He added that his training took a hard turn during his first sparring session. "During that session of boxing when I was getting shellacked, never once did I say, 'What the — am I doing here?' I said, 'Woo, I belong here.'"

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