The New Day Come Up Short at SummerSlam

The New Day came up short in their attempt to once again become SmackDown Tag Team Champions [...]

The New Day came up short in their attempt to once again become SmackDown Tag Team Champions Sunday night at SummerSlam in Brooklyn.

It was emphasized by the announcers early on that Harper and Rowan had not lost a match in ten months. They worked over Xavier in a pretty one-sided fashion early on while Big E watched from the ring apron.

The Bludgeons took Woods to the outside and attempted to use the ring steps as a weapon but Woods fought back. For some reason, neither Big E or Kingston came to his aide at that point.

Eventually, Big E got the hot tag and cleaned house on both Harper and Rowan. He splashed Harper in the ring and went for the Big Ending but ran into a sit out slam from Harper instead.

Big E fought back again and hit the running tackle through the ropes on Harper in spectacular fashion. Immediately afterward, Rowan took Big E out and tossed him back into the ring. Woods was tagged in and had a brief period of offense before running into a big powerbomb from Harper for a near fall.

Kingston tried to rally his teammates on the outside as the crowd got behind them with a New Day Rocks chant. Big E gave Rowan a Big Ending on the outside as Harper and Woods fought in the ring. Big E tagged in and immediately ran into a big boot from Harper. Harper looked to do something on the ring apron, but Big E caught him and threw him into Woods, who hit a backbreaker on Harper as he fell to the ground.

Woods tagged in and went up top, but Harper rolled to the outside. Woods thought about it and then hit a big elbow drop on Harper on the floor outside.

Back in the ring, Big E put Harper up on his shoulder and was about to finish him off but Rowan brought a mallet into the ring and was DQed. Harper gave Big E a shot with the mallet as the referee announced that the New Day won the match via DQ, which of course means that the Bludgeons retain the tag team titles.