Nia Jax Reveals Her Post-WWE Ring Name

WWE has released around 80 wrestlers from its roster this year along, which is still mind-blowing at times. One of those affected by the cut was Nia Jax, and while she addressed her release previously, we didn't know what her new ring name would be. That's changed though as Jax has updated her official website and revealed the changes and new name on social media, and Jax will now be going by Lina Fanene, which is a slightly shortened version of her full name Savelina Fanene. Fanene's current bio also says formerly Nia Jax of WWE & E! Total Divas, but she hasn't listed any email for bookings in that bio, at least not yet. You can see the post below.

Fanene likely has a 90-day non-compete in her contract like many other Raw and SmackDown stars, while NXT stars typically have 30-day non-competes. It will be interesting to see where she goes next, and there are a number of possible landing spots for her when that non-compete is up.

We've seen most released stars change their bios to reflect their new names or in some cases a return to their names before they joined WWE. Bray Wyatt has become Wyndham, while The IIconics have become The IInspiration, Daniel Bryan is back to Bryan Danielson, and Braun Strowman is now Adam Scherr.

Jax addressed her release from WWE in an Instagram post, which you can find below.

"I usually keep my personal life private, but yesterday's reports leave me with no option but to clarify matters. I recently took a short leave of absence from WWE for a mental health break. I've been working through so much -- more than I can share -- and so I took some time, with the full support of the company, to take care of myself.

Earlier this week, after WWE sent me my schedule to return to the ring for the November 15 show, I asked for an extension to my mental health break, feeling that I needed more time, and hoping I would have the ongoing support of the company I have given my all to for the past 7 years. I did not receive a response. The next I heard, I was being released. My vaccination status was never mentioned. I wasn't given any choices or options.

It breaks my heart to be so abruptly let go, without consultation, when dealing with so much privately. I loved my career at WWE, I love the men and women I worked with, and I am going to need time to process this huge loss. I appreciate those people who have shown understanding and compassion during an incredibly difficult time."