Nia Jax Issues Statement on WWE Release

The recently-released Nia Jax has issued a statement regarding rumors of why WWE let her go. Jax joins a long list of superstars released by WWE in 2020 and 2021, though the alleged reason behind the move garnered a large amount of attention on social media. In total, WWE released 18 wrestlers in total on Thursday, November 4th. Reports quickly began to surface that Jax was let go by WWE because she was unvaccinated. However, the former Raw Women's Champion and WWE Women's Tag Team Champion has set the record straight, stating her vaccination status did not play a factor in being let go by the company.

Jax shared a statement on her Instagram account (via the Wrestling Observer), detailing how she asked for time off from WWE television to work on her mental health. She was written off of Raw after an attack from her former tag team partner Shayna Baszler, with the onscreen excuse being surgery from the attack. Jax claimed a WWE schedule had her returning to the road on November 15th, but when she asked for more time to be added to her extended leave, she never heard back from WWE. The final word she heard from WWE was that she was being released.

Jax's full statement can be found below.

I usually keep my personal life private, but yesterday's reports leave me with no option but to clarify matters. I recently took a short leave of absence from WWE for a mental health break. I've been working through so much -- more than I can share -- and so I took some time, with the full support of the company, to take care of myself.

Earlier this week, after WWE sent me my schedule to return to the ring for the November 15 show, I asked for an extension to my mental health break, feeling that I needed more time, and hoping I would have the ongoing support of the company I have given my all to for the past 7 years. I did not receive a response. The next I heard, I was being released. My vaccination status was never mentioned. I wasn't given any choices or options.

It breaks my heart to be so abruptly let go, without consultation, when dealing with so much privately. I loved my career at WWE, I love the men and women I worked with, and I am going to need time to process this huge loss. I appreciate those people who have shown understanding and compassion during an incredibly difficult time.

Some of the other names released by WWE alongside Nia Jax include Keith Lee, Karrion Kross, Eva Marie, and Ember Moon. The releases came shortly after WWE reported its numbers for the third quarter and touted gains during the months, which upset a large number of fans. The stance WWE publicly went with was that these were all due to budget cuts.

Hopefully, Nia Jax will catch on with another wrestling promotion and continue to have a successful career inside the squared circle.