NXT Reveals Injury Status of Adam Cole and Velveteen Dream

TakeOver 31 was a hard-hitting affair to say the least, and it wasn't just Kyle O'Reilly and Finn Balor who left with some bruises. A new report from WWE has revealed the status of both Adam Cole and Velveteen Dream after NXT TakeOver 31, and both are sporting significant injuries. Cole suffered broken ribs and a contusion, while Dream suffered a fractured wrist thanks to his match with Kushida. Cole has not been cleared yet for a return to action, though WWE reveals Dream has been medically cleared, so it's likely we'll see him address his injury and the match with Kushida on tonight's NXT. As for Cole, cleared or not, we'll probably hear from him too.

You can find the official report on both stars' injuries below.

"Cole suffered broken ribs and contusions due to an apparent attack suffered at the hands of powerful newcomer Ridge Holland. Holland dropped Cole’s limp body at ringside following the conclusion of the NXT Championship main event between Finn Bálor and Kyle O’Reilly, prompting his fellow Undisputed ERA members to call for immediate medical attention.

Velveteen Dream, meanwhile, suffered a fractured wrist after facing Kushida at TakeOver 31. Kushida forced Dream to submit to the Hoverboard Lock and then continued the onslaught after the bell, armbarring Dream until officials interjected. Despite the injury, Dream is medically cleared as tolerated."

As the report states, the last moment of TakeOver featured Holland bringing Cole's limp body to ringside and dropping him over the barricade in front of his Undisputed ERA teammates. We imagine Cole will have some words for Holland soon, and this looks to be the start of a bitter feud between the two, though Holland definitely got in the first shot.


It's unclear whether Dream was hurt during the initial match with Kushida or the vicious attack after the match was finished, as Kushida went back to attack Dream after the bell rang and did even more damage on Dream's arm. Either way, Dream isn't going to take this lying down, and it showed a whole other side of Kushida.

Hopefully, we'll see all of this addressed tonight on a new episode of NXT on USA Network, and you can get all the coverage for tonight's NXT right here on ComicBook.com or by following me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!