WWE Fans Salty About Paige's Removal as SmackDown GM

When the McMahons barged into Raw on Monday promising change, no one thought that would impact someone as sturdy as Paige. However, on SmackDown, Shane McMahon announced Paige would no longer serve as the show's General Manager.

And fans aren't too excited about it.

Although McMahon explained that Paige will still keep a role in WWE, that didn't stop Twitter from overreacting.

Paige was installed as the GM two days after WrestleMania 34. The previous day she addressed a Raw crowd and made her official retirement from in-ring action. There were rumors over her being done with the company, but those quickly became Fake News when McMahon announced her as SmackDown's new GM the following night.


And ever since, she's been one of SmackDown's brightest stars.

Even though it was a short-term, Paige was beloved as SmackDown's GM. However, it looks like WWE may be done using that position on Raw, too. On Monday, Baron Corbin applied for the open position but was set up to fail by Triple H. Right now, neither show has a GM and it seems like WWE is just fine with that. So from now on, it looks like Stephanie McMahon will run Raw and Shane-O-Mac will be in charge of SmackDown.