Breaking: Randy Orton Announced As Brock Lesnar's Opponent For SummerSlam

(Photo: WWE)

Brock Lesnar's opponent for SummerSlam has been hyped for a few weeks and now the mystery man was finally announced at SmackDown!...

The returning "Viper" Randy Orton! This was speculated from almost every sports blog around, but WWE finally confirmed it during Friday night's broadcast, as it wasn't originally announced at the taping on Tuesday.

Orton has been out since December and back in April commented on his Twitter how he'll return sooner than later. With Orton being a big time player, he possibly be pushed back into the championship spotlight, with even bigger feuds in the works. One target specifically would be AJ Styles, who Orton mentioned would be a great ring opponent.

With the WWE Draft coming in a few weeks, Orton has a prime spot to become a World Champion once again if they do decide to branch off with a separate world title. While WWE seems to be focused with the New Era of superstars, it's obvious Orton's spotlight hasn't gone out just yet.

Lesnar and Orton have faced eachother before, but in the capacity of which Orton's starpower was on par with Lesnar's. They had a quick match in 2002, but Orton had just debuted and Lesnar was already WWE Champion. The two destined to seem they would be rivals for the long haul having come from the same "class", but Lesnar's abrupt exit from the company for eight years, leaves Orton the last star for Lesnar to beat from the last generation.


This match is years in the making and here's hoping it will be worth the wait.