How Many Masks Does WWE's Rey Mysterio Own?

Rey Mysterio has been synonymous with his iconic mask for decades, breaking out a new color scheme and design seemingly every week. The former WWE Champion and WWE 2K22 cover star was on the Rasslin podcast this week and revealed that he owns approximately 1,100 luchador masks as he's given away many more. 

"Everything I use, I use once," Mysterio said. "Especially for PPV's. And I kind of put it in storage. Every now and then, when I feel like it's been quite some time, I'll go ahead and bring it back out and use it for TV. What really sucks is back when I was with WWE, my early years when I was wearing the baggy outfits, a lot of that material, unfortunately, due to the climate, I would have them hanging just like clothes. And a lot of those outfits got stuck with each other and just ended up going to waste. But now I'm very picky with my outfits, and I like to position them in a certain way. I have OCD."

He also confirmed how long it takes him to come up with his designs — "I like to go anywhere from 4 to 6 months," Mysterio said. "Or I might have an idea already popping into my head, let's say right after WrestleMania. And I'll write that down so that way I don't forget."

On top of being the WWE 2K22 cover star, the latest installment of WWE's video game will have a 2K Showcase mode centering around the highlights of his career. He dived into which matches will be featured during a recent press conference.

"Without a doubt. We have the very first WrestleMania moment where it's Eddie versus Rey Mysterio, WrestleMania 21, WrestleMania goes Hollywood," Mysterio said. "That moment right there, that's what kicked off this feud between Eddie Guerrero and myself, And shortly after, Eddie left us... and there was another special moment that came out of that where I was able to face HBK in a memorable show that we had that night displayed for Eddie's passing, you know?"


"It's awesome, man," Mysterio said during the Rasslin interview when asked about making the cover. "It's a huge honor for me to be able to represent all my people, Latinos, my sport of Lucha through the cover of 2K22. I've shared covers before in the past, whether it was at WCW, we did the nWo. I've shared the cover with other superstars. This time it was strictly surrounded on my mask, my image. It's a huge, huge honor, especially after 20 years of being with WWE, and kicking off the year of 2022 with all these crazy times that have been going on. It's a blessing."

h/t Wrestling Inc.